Hollow Creek Distillery Receives Community Award

February 17, 2021 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

Hollow Creek Distillery Receives Community Award

Shareholder Hollow Creek Distillery received a Community Award from the SC Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Monday at the annual Governor's Conference on Tourism and Travel.

This family-run distillery is known for making boutique bourbons and moonshines, but they retooled to meet the needs of their community in 2021.

They produced 5,500 gallons of sanitizer for South Carolina's government agencies and provided 8,600 gallons of sanitizer for schools around the state.

Now, the distillery has dedicated a section of their facility to producing hand sanitizer to help meet the continued demand for this important health and safety product. 

Hollow Creek Distillery is located in Leesville. Learn more about their spirits and sanitizer at hollowcreekdistillery.com.