VIDEO: County Council Member Darrel Hudson on Lexington Roadways

January 8, 2019 | Posted By: Connor Watkins

The room was full for the first breakfast of 2019. There were many new faces and lots of old friends. Attendees had the chance to introduce themselves and also their personal New Year’s Resolution.

If Darrell Hudson, Lexington County Council member and this month’s breakfast speaker, had a New Year’s resolution it would be to find some solutions to deal with one of the biggest problems facing Lexington county- THE TRAFFIC. Darrell Hudson was elected to Lexington County Council in 2016 to represent District 3. He is self-employed at Hudson Brothers, LLC in Lexington, so he knows a little about living and working in Lexington County.

It is no secret that Lexington is growing- and growing quickly. In fact, by the year 2050, many studies have shown that the population in Lexington County will double. And with already congested roadways and numerous traffic issues, residents are asking how are we going to accommodate even more people driving on our roads? Traffic accidents seem to be happening more and more frequently. In December of 2018, WIS-TV reported that Lexington County was the 3rd in the state for traffic fatalities. Most residents agree that something has to be done, but what?

Hudson introduced Project TIRED. TIRED is an acronym and stands for the following:

Turning Lanes: Extended turning lanes off exits and major subdivisions

Infrastructure: Quit kicking the can

Roads: Old Cherokee Rd and Longs Pond Rd being used as a default bypass. Make it three lanes.

Exits: Hope Ferry Rd and Calks Ferry Rd to service the west end of Lexington

DMV: Move the DMV out of Lexington, move 200,000+ motorists out of traffic

To learn more about Project TIRED and Hudson’s plans to improve our roadways, view the full video above.