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Hiring the wrong candidate can be deadly.... an iceberg big enough to sink a department or small business, because every employee must be at full capacity all the time or the entire operation suffers quickly and deeply.

Join Jane Willis for the third luncheon in the Mind Your Business education series on Wednesday, March 28 at 11:30 a.m. to understand the techniques and strategies that can increase your chances of making the right hire.

Through Jane's exercises, attendees will discover:

1) Catalog the essential skills, competencies and characteristics required for success in the position, and craft a recruitment strategy that clearly screens for these.

2) Assess the culture of the business or department and clearly define the nuances of the work experience and determine what types of work behaviors or approaches are not compatible, and equally important, those that are non-negotiable.

3) Clearly define the job duties and expectations and align them with the organization's performance management and reward system.
An example of a hiring assessment tool used in screening will be shared as well.

This event is free for Greater Lexington Chamber members and $10 for nonmembers.
About Jane Willis
Jane Willis has spent 30 in higher education working with hiring managers at small and large organizations source young talent in an ever changing global economy. She has also worked with thousands of students to prepare them for the job market during good and bad times.

During 17 years as a private consultant, she worked with numerous companies including large firms like Sonoco and Bank of America and small businesses to grow teams, build organizational structures and source and develop talent.